Dairy-free banana bread

I hate throwing away bananas that are a little past their prime when I know they can be turned into treats.

There are a million and one banana bread recipes out there, most of them have tons of butter in them, and they’re good, but when I was nursing my daughter I couldn’t have dairy and I found this recipe on Food.com for dairy-free banana bread. I LOVE IT.

I think using oil instead of butter makes the bread or muffins (which cook much faster) more moist and fluffy. This thread from Cakecentral.com explains what role butter and oil play in recipes and their effects on sugar molecules, in case you’re curious (I’m a geek about this stuff and I was).

I made the banana muffins using the Food.com recipe with my kids this morning. They loved smashing the bananas and adding the ingredients to the mixing bowl. Our muffins turned out great! My son said, “Deeeeelicious!”


I cooked them at 325 for 20 minutes. The recipe made 18 muffins for me, using a 1/4 cup scoop to put them in the muffin tin.



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