Biscuit beignets

It’s the real-world version of the “homemade” beignet: refrigerated biscuit dough fried up and drenched in powdered sugar. As a kid growing up in southeast Louisiana, it’s almost a rite of passage.

I wanted to give my kids a taste this morning (mostly because the beignet place near our house closed recently, so my easy option for buying them isn’t quite so easy anymore). So, for the first time, I tried to make some. For many Louisianians, this may be a “duh” post, but it was fun, so I’m sharing.

Step one: pop open the can (makes me jump every. single. time.) and cut them up.


Refrigerated biscuit dough cut up, ready to go in the oil


If you cut them up into eighths they make donut hole-sized beignets. Whole biscuits make them closer to the size you find at Morning Call or Cafe du Monde (which are both much better than mine, but for a quick, don’t-want-to-leave-the-house-because-I-look-like-a-troll version, mine turned out great!).

Step 2: Heat the oil

I had to do a little investigating on this one because I didn’t know how hot to make the oil. I used canola, because that’s my go-to, but I’m sure you could use other vegetable or peanut oil. Real chefs would be a better source for that. But anyhoo… my Googling around revealed 375 degrees was the goal temp for frying dough.


Oil should be around 375 degrees for biscuit beignets

My regular thermometer is on the fritz so my hubs pulled the one off our turkey fryer for me to use. I think I had the oil a tad too hot because they browned a little more quickly than I wanted, but they still turned out great.

They only stayed in the oil about a minute and they started browning too much. I turned them over quickly to cook both sides then scooped them out and put them on a paper towel to get some of the excess oil off before I put them in the powdered sugar to dance around while they were still hot.


Plastic tub I put the hot beignets in to coat them with powdered sugar

I used a plastic tub, but the traditional way to do it is use a brown paper bag. I just didn’t have any this morning. The brown paper soaks up some of the grease while giving the beignets a good coating of sugar, but the tub worked well.

They got a thumbs up from my biggest critic: my 4-year-old daughter who easts nothing. Ha!

Biggest takeaways from investigating this one: don’t make the oil too hot and make more than one can. My family devoured them. πŸ™‚


Make more than one can…


Biscuit beignets!

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